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 Rules of PandoraMS

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PostSubject: Rules of PandoraMS   Tue Apr 08, 2008 7:32 pm

Forum Rules
Here are the rules, breaking any can result in getting banned or warned.

* No cheating discussion whatsoever (Either of our server or any other server, Doing so will result in a perm ban)
* Don't ask if you can (beta) test anything
* Try to use proper grammar
* Use the search before spamming up the forums
* Don't post anything illegal
* No trading/selling of mesos or MS accounts
* Don't SPAM

Game Rules

* No Hacking
* No Scamming
* No begging
* No Botting
* Don't ask the GM's to release stuff, We will release when we have it coded.
* No trading/selling of mesos or MS accounts

GM Greg.
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Rules of PandoraMS
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