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PostSubject: CYBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Sun Jun 29, 2008 1:38 am

Hey there
how you doing tonight
Im doing fine, Im so wet
im so hard
thats hott
well how wet r u can i make u wetter
i walk up to you and gently rub on your tool
ummm its so hard while your rubbing my tool i start to play with your tits and bite them
i pick up your monkey wrench and i begin to tighten the hinges on my bike wheels
i start to work my way down and i start to lick your clit very fast
i start to sweat, the hair on my pussy is all wet with your salivia
ummmm i love the taste
the hair on my pussy reach around my waist is all wet from from my sweat
ummm so nice
let me fuck it now
Wait the hair on my pussy begins to fall off
it must've been that shampoo i used
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u not talking
Lets talk baby
ok cooll
pick ur roles
ill be the race car
race car?
I begin to rev up my engine as you walk towards my car door
i run my hand down the wing
my engine purrs like a 5004 train going eastbound in winnepeg
i open my car door and lets you in
i climb inside feeling the leather
oh no my car alram go off
turn off the alarm!
i throw you my keys
i fumble with the keys
nut fing the tightt one
my alarm goes silent
all four doors are open
i sit n feel the comfort
i turn on the radio and some marvin gay comes on singing "lets get it on"
my hands run around the weel caressing it slow n firm
i shift my gears into "drive" as i start speeding downt he higway
going 60Miles per hour
i sucumb t o engine power
as im racing down the higway
oh no
the cops are chasing after us
hold on we're going for a ride
i hold on
the police begin to shoot at us, Take the gun out of my glove compartment!
i take out the gun
Shoot them! Shoot them now
Then unload a clip into my ass
ckeck its loaded n check the safty
Oh shit i cant get caught
i got 50grams of cuban cocaine in the trunk
Oh shit
i go out of control and i collide into a truck
oh shit
you fly out the window and hit a tree
your guts are splattered all over the bushes and trees
You're probably dead
i guess so
i put my gear in reverse
and begin to drive away
Annnnnnnnnnnnnd im spent
By the way
Im a guy
i was an H2 Hummer
you suck asshole


hey there
Whats on ur mind ??/
mmmmmmm anything in particular
go for it
you start it
no you start
Im a 400lb gorrilla looking for a male to mate with
im a 600lbs silver back with a 14" throbing hard cock, wanting to mount ur ass
i walk over to you grunting as i am mad because i havent eaten in days
i slip a bannana into ur mouth & my cock in ur slot
i grunt like a 250lb drunk man on the side of the street of NYC as i begin to peel the banana and chew on the inside fruit
i thrust away while eating a candy apple some kid threw into our cage
i begin to grow angry because someone threw a peanuts at us.
i jump around like a wild chimpanzee and i begin to break through the cage
wait wait ur anger has clamped my cock inside u !!!!
As your penis is inside me i drag your body around like a dead corpse
i see a small child and i begin to rip apart his body as he scream for his mother
i stick my finger up ur ass and u realease my cock ,i turn my attention to the mother
she's allot less hair than u r !!!
i begin to rip off my hair and throw it at the lady as she screams in peril
you are fucked up

how r u?
Hey there?
role play?
what r u up to tonight?
i would love to role play
Assign the roles
what do u want to play?
assign the roles
you want to be sub or dom?
i can be your teacher
i can be the 250lb school girl with a crush on the teacher
i stay after class because im a brown nose
i'm glad you came to see me after school
i have been watching you all year
some other girl was calling me a fatass
so i falcon pawched the bitch and broke her nose
i need comfort
good for you
i don't think u r fat, i think you are very sexy
my titties reach the floor
i love your titties
i start to rub them as i kiss u
wait! i grab a tooth pick and begin to pick my teeth, I had 3 big macs.
u don't want to play?
im ready to kiss i had some chicken left in my mouth
i grab your ass and pull you close to kiss you
my ass begins engulf your hands
i turn into a giant blob of fat
ass i grow from 250lbs to 500tons
i rampage through the school
i see the girl whose nose i broke
i eat her in one bite like the 3 big macs i had for lunch
uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im spent
thanks teacher!
get a life
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PostSubject: Re: CYBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Sat Nov 01, 2008 3:29 am

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